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Printed carrier bags are our most popular product which allows you to have your customers promote your brand after each purchase they make.


We try and make all our carrier bags eco friendly and do our bit to help protect the environment - are you doing yours?  Switching to paper rather than plastic carrier bags is an easy way to do this. are a UK based packaging company who are specialists in the manufacture, supply, supplier and wholesaler of eco printed carrier bags, paper carrier bags, recycled reusable printed polythene, plastic, cotton, canvas, jute, polyprop, tote and polypropylene shopping carrier bags.


The company's growth and success has been based on offering an in house service and offering quality products at very competitive prices together with excellent personal service and support. Operating from Didcot near Oxford we are ideally placed to help customers with their requirements nationwide .


Business-Pac manufacture and supply various styles of printed paper carrier bags on a nationwide scale, supplying large and small retail and promotional companies offering a quick delivery and service if required.


At Business-Pac we control the whole manufacturing process from start to finish, which enables us to provide an even quicker service, thus avoiding unnecessary delays and allowing Business-Pac to meet the customers important dead lines.


All our prices include a free delivery to England and Wales and some parts of Scotland.


Why not call us today without any obligation to see if we can service your carrier bag needs, whether it be paper carrier bags, printed carrier bags, plastic, polythene or canvas.


Copyright 2011  Business-Pac are a carrier bag wholesaler providing paper carrier bags, printed carrier bags, plastic carrier bags, polythene carrier bags and cotton / canvas / jute bags.    Contact us for a quotation today.

Eco Polythene Carrier Bags

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rinted Carrier Bags

Paper carrier bags can be recycled and are therefore kinder to the environment.  We produce a range of styles and options, and we can also brand your bags.  


A popular choice and a long lasting product.  Have your logo or ad printed on the side so it is a long lasting advert for your business.

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The humble carrier bag is a must these days.  Imagine trying to get your shopping home without them, whether they be plastic, polythene or paper carrier bags.


At Business-Pac we offer very competitive prices on all hand fulfilment / enclosing, and we make it a viable option for smaller runs as well as large.

Copyright 2011  Business-Pac are a carrier bag wholesaler providing paper carrier bags, printed carrier bags, plastic carrier bags, polythene carrier bags and cotton / canvas / jute bags.    Contact us for a quotation today.

Printed Carrier Bags


If you have been thinking of starting a business, or creative ways to put your message in front of your customer then you might want to look into printed carrier bags. Promotion is the key for any business but most businesses feel that promotion is only done through the mail, email, internet, phone calls, or bill board ads and so on. But the power of having your name on a product that you can put in front of an audience is incredible.


Most promotional items that are given can be in the form of pens, note pads, mouse pads, pen holders for desks, hats, caps, clothing and so on. An inexpensive way to get started is to purchase printed carrier bags, and the reason for this is that these bags are environmentally friendly and they are also biodegradable. They can be used over and over again and then when they have no more use they can be sent to the land fills without a worry of harming the environment. This is a great way to boost your business and take it to the next level. People will love to use the printed carrier bags and each and every time they do they will advertise your company name and logo along with them.

People will start to use the printed carrier bags and ask "whose name is on the bag" or simply pick one up and read it. You can give them away for free, you can sell them, and you can even have them delivered to your customer's homes. This is a powerful tool for getting the word out. The power of the printed carrier bag doesn't stop there; you can use them to fill donated items and give them away for a cause and have your company name all over them. This is a promotional item and always take this into consideration. You should also make a point to let your customers know that you want them to use your printed carrier bags and not something that they've brought in the store with them.


When each bag leaves the store it's another advertisement that people are seeing every day. And the more that leave the better. You want to make sure everyone leaves with a printed carrier bag on their arm even if you have to give them away. This is business promotion. Because of the debate on which types of bags to use, it is important for a business such as your own to take advantage of this circumstance, by owning your printed carrier bags you can do just that. There is no such thing as over advertising and for most companies 10% of their annual budget is spent on advertisement or promotion. But most companies do not take advantage of something so simple yet very effective. You would be amazed at how many people read the sides of printed carrier bags, it will simply amaze you. More and more people are catching on. Don't get left out.




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